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Lie down with me, Watson.

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Wake Your Watsons Up 17/30: Hiatus

doodle by ireallyshouldbedrawing • ficlet by ColebaltBlue

also on AO3


The private carriage was courtesy Mycroft and the swathes of bandages and blankets insured our relative anonymity as we returned to London. Holmes had not regained true consciousness since I had found him splayed out on the rocks at the foot of the falls. I was a doctor and I knew what this meant - a brain injury of this scale. I could only hope that he would be one of the miracle cases, but the Sherlock Holmes as we knew him was dead.

We settled him in my home in Kensington - a sunny bedroom at the front of the house - and I began my vigil. My practice suffered greatly for the time I spent by his side. But I didn’t care for anything but my patient.

He began to slowly awaken from his coma. Confused, struggling to form words, and completely unaware of who or where he was. I would not give up. I would never give up for him. The pieces of his mind returned slowly.

I folded his hand around cups and encouraged him to drink. I read to him, endlessly, and wrote furiously by his side. But he seemed not to know me from anyone else.

Then one morning I awoke, a sore neck, stiff shoulder, and aching leg to the soft whisper of, “Watson?”

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Art for the color palette meme! mpreg-tony requested Holmes with these colors:


I was going to make just a quick drawing but got a little carried away as usual. :P

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sneak peek aka I hate editing
this project is so much fun, I love making new scenes, being able to change the story the way I want, I don’t wanna stop editing but at the the same time I jUST WANT TO RAGE QUIT THIS SHIT IT’S SO MUCH WORK I HATE EDITING SO MUCH AND MASKING AND WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS

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Russian Sherlock Holmes (2013) Episode 1(x)

That last gif is priceless.

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»I am psychologically disturbed. Why else would I be continually led into situations where you deliberately, withhold your plans from me? Why else?«

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Deduce the shirt! Instead of a hamster running desperately on a wheel, going nowhere, the hamster is now the captain of his ship, taking charge of the wheel, navigating the whole thing.  That’s actually a deep T-shirt.

Also, sexy.  Asfghjjklasfhjl.

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Robert Downey Jr enjoying UFC 154

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