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I was going to add that BBC should also be held in that “entertaining but not an accurate adaptation” regard but then I remembered that the fandom genuinely believes it’s an accurate adaptation

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* hey


sherlock holmes: a game of shadows came out 2 years ago today.


2 years, 18 weeks and 3 days but who’s counting anyway?????

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Questo film..

Yes indeed

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"As for Downey’s Holmes, he’s a grubby, charismatic marvel, a late-nineteeth-century bohemian vibrating with nervous energy and done up in Byronic disarray. His neuroses ride shotgun with his explosive, fast-talking intelligence; he doesn’t play the violin, he plucks it like a ukelele; and he stimulates himself not with cocaine but bouts of bareknuckle fighting in the roughest parts of town.”  (X) 

He takes cocaine in the movies, too, it’s just never specifically named.

That’s correct.  That whole “meant for eye surgery” thing in the first movie - since cocaine was used then as a topical anesthetic for eye surgery. And Holmes probably is taking some opiate after he’s wounded by Moriarty in “Game of Shadows.”  Watson gives him a vial of something in the boxcar, and we see the vials again briefly but pointedly in Mycroft’s chateau — and Holmes is swigging from a vial on the balcony at Reichenbach just before Moriarty comes outside.  I assume this is laudanum (camphorated tincture of opium).   But in a movie that needs its PG-13 rating, all this had to be downplayed so much that you really have to know what you’re looking for.  It’s there, though.

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Sounds about right (x)

You will never be Sherlock in anyone’s heart. You will be iron man but never Sherlock.

REALLY?? RDJ is my favorite Sherlock Holmes, and he is Sherlock Holmes to thousands of fans and to millions of people worldwide.  To me and to many others, he is more Sherlock Holmes than he is Iron Man.  Plus, you have to remember - Tumblr is not the world.  Tumblr is a small community partly made up of avid cult fandoms (Supernatural, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Avengers, etc.) which are made up mostly (not all) of teen women who have discovered Tumblr (which does not represent all teen women or all fans) — and who do not realistically represent the wider world of organized fandoms which are not on Tumblr. 

I assume here you are talking about YOUR favorite Sherlock being BBC Sherlock, but you should only speak for yourself.  You cannot speak for everyone, and in fact what you posit is not very realistic. The BBC Sherlock Tumblr fandom is indeed an avid bunch, but it does NOT by any means represent the entire world of Sherlock Holmes fandom and, by the numbers worldwide, has not an iota  of the popularity of the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies.  That’s because a TV show on BBC and PBS has comparatively small numbers of viewers, even compared to U.S. network shows, which themselves have far smaller numbers of viewers than they used to have.  Such shows can never match in sheer numbers the reach or appeal of a worldwide hit movie. 

One has to remember that the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies were the catalyst for the current Sherlock Holmes renaissance and are to thank for the fact that we have the two TV series.  Also, try this: If you stop 10 people at random on the street in the U.S. and ask them “Who plays Sherlock Holmes?”, eight or nine of them will say Robert Downey Jr. and the other one or two will say “oh, that guy on, what’s that show called; Elementary?”   (I have done this, several times — only a very few people randomly selected have seen or remember BBC Sherlock — out in the real world, it’s a cult fandom.  And that’s not to say that’s good or bad — it simply is what’s true.)

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Do you ever just


because you miss Ritchie!Holmes and/or RDJude so much like,


come back please


i feel this

Still waiting. *sigh*



It’s coming.  Slowly but surely. 

We are the Fandom That Waits.

We can only wait so long tho


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I think Robert gets across of Holmes the sort of exquisite artistry of him, the humor, the physical courage, and the impatience. He is a man you want to please. You wouldn’t want him to call you out for a fool. He can do withering looks very quickly and well, Robert, but he’s also likable. There’s something of a pained romantic about him.

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request: white-magician


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Just Robert Downey Jr. and his wonderful hair

Sherlock Holmes Downey is the best Downey.

I agree.

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"We haven’t heard that before." [ x ]