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WTF the BBC fandom is now claiming that “high-functioning sociopath” is from the original books??


Hmmm maybe because some of them didn’t even read the books?

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"We are not a team; we are a country"

Argentina still celebrating the 2nd place.

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So, Argentina lost and Germany is the new World Champion. And you know what, I’m still so proud of my team and my players. They gave everything they got in that field. And yes, it really hurts when you lose at the very end the game but I can’t complain. They did almost the impossible to get there, to finale. When most of the world hated us, when brazilians went to our game to cheer for our rivals, in all those moments, 23 players gave the performace of their lives just to bring some joy to our country.

I truly believe we were robbed, but that has nothing to do with Germany, they deserved to win as we did too.

I love you, Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano, Gonzalo Higuain, and all the player. Forever thankful to you.

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What a way to say thank you to the team

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Martín Souto: “Se suele hablar que no ser campeón es un fracaso, ¿Qué reflexión hacés?” (x)

Martin Souto: People often say that not being champion is a failure. What do you think about it?

Javier Mascherano: I believe that failure is not trying, to hide yourself, to not face it. And I think this team in these 34 days has had quite the opposite.

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No tengo más que decir GRACIAS. Nos vamos con la frente en alta, nos vamos con la desilusión de no habernos quedado con la copa pero con las lágrimas de orgullo que nos provoca verlos jugar y luchar por esta camiseta. Era un partido difícil, Alemania es una selección increíble. Pero no hay más que eso, jugaron un partido fantástico, y sólo faltó un poquito. GRACIAS LEONES, GRACIAS! 

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Congratulations to all my Germany followers for the Gold medal of the World Cup!

Now let me post a few reblogs of my team, which was a worthy opponent, who gave everything and deserved to win too. I am proud of the courage and moral values ​​they showed. 

Oh and I always loved Javier Mascherano, now I love him even more! <3

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Estoy completamente ORGULLOSA de ARGENTINA.
Dimos todo. GRACIAS.

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tumblr made me a much more tolerant and less judgmental person like my cousin be like “omg look at that bitch eyebrows she drew them damn near in her hairline” and i’m like shrug maybe the bitch wanted to have eyebrows in her hairline you don’t know shit about her life.

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Watson fell in love with Holmes.
Holmes fell in love with Watson.
But somewhere along the way - something went terribly wrong.

I seriously need to start working on part 2 of this.

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I was tagged by itimeditperfectly (my future-I hope-still-friend-Vinu):

1. What’s the most beautiful thing that has ever happend to you? 

2. Favorite animal?

3. If you could get 10 books or 10 video games for free. Which one would you chose?
4. A country that you really want to visit? 
5. What’s your favorite book?
6. You get the chance to time travel once - where will you go? 
7. Are you doing any sports?
8. Favorite season?
9. Are you watching any TV shows at the moment?
10. Do you prefere shows or films?
11. Favorite song?

1. The birth of my niece.

2. Cats.

3. Books, always books!

4. Right now England, but there a lot of places I want to visit.

5. Hmmm, it’s hard to pick just one. Rayuela (Hopscotch), Julio Cortázar, has marked my life a lot in my youth. In my adolescence Demian, Hermann Hesse <3

6. Victorian era? But just for a while.

7. Never.

8. Autumn.

9. Elementary and Hannibal Nbc.

10. I do love both. If I make a comparison with books, I like long novels. Then I like a good and multi-seasoned (?) TV show. But many times a film that touches my heart is better for me than a heartless popular series.

11. Today? Brasil decime qué se siente…♫♫ (spontaneous and popular argentinian World Cup hymn). xD

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there’s something really gay about two men having sex with each other